Wire Cable Solder Assembler Trainee


Manufacturing Cable Assembly and Soldering (Trainee) Compensation: $13.50 - $16.00 start
Bonus: earn up to $27. hourly (piece work rate - guaranteed, demonstrated at job interview)
Employment type: full-time

Job description: Entry-level position at Neutek Labs (ThinLUX LED). The Design and Manufacturing division located in North Mesa is looking for beginner cable assemblers to help us in our overall Light Emitting Diode (LED) and similar small assembly production efforts. Learn new roles and earn additional compensation up to $27. hourly (guaranteed).

Summary: Fabricates and assembles a variety of different assemblies and supporting hardware, applying in-house trained knowledge of wire assembly and hand soldering techniques, and using precision instruments, hand tools, crimping machines, and basic shop equipment.
Reads and interprets schematics, work orders, and related documentation to determine method and sequence of operations and dimensional and finish specifications, assumes responsibility for maintaining accurate inventory.
Basic simple assemblies involving no more than 6 parts per assembly. If you can handle assembling a simple LEGO toy figure without difficulty, you are more than qualified. It's that easy!

Trained responsibilities will include: Assemble and calibrate production parts.
Ability to perform steadied hand tasks.
Asks lots of questions about the task being performed, what's next, where did it come from.
Follows assembly drawings and work instructions to meet product build requirements.
Gathering and organizing materials and maintaining a safe and neat workplace. Solder wires, add connectors, cut sleeving, glue, punch plastic parts, assemble sub-components, test, and package finished goods using templates, jigs, machinery, and hand tools.
Assure quality compliance with customer specifications, manufacturing standards, "copy exactly - golden units" and other specific requirements including shipping box build details.

Requirements: 0-2 years of manufacturing assembly experience or aptitude.
Anybody who has worked in a fast pace time-sensitive "hustle" environment such as restaurant, factory floors, grocery store, food prep, crafters, pinners (Pinterest), Etsy entrepreneurs, installers, tool repair persons, or anyone that involves perfecting a task/skill with ease of work or thrives on the pride of hand-built goods enjoyed in the longterm by others are welcome to apply. You will only be involved in quality tasks for quality goods that do not end up in a landfill!
Good interpersonal communication skills. Gets along and promotes team-peer win-win work environments.

Monday thru Friday 8 am - 5 pm. Entry Wage $13.50 - $16.00 per hour (start).

Please submit your resume for consideration. Call or visit us directly for a priority interview. Appointment required.

Job Type: Full-time

This Company Describes Its Culture as: Values-oriented -- everyone follows the same company posted values at all positions within the company
Detail-oriented -- quality and precision-focused, clean and safe work environment
Quality-oriented -- only the best processes/staff for producing class-leading best products
Innovative -- innovative and risk-taking
Stable -- traditional, stable, 24yrs, strong processes (no government contracts)
People-oriented -- supportive and fairness-focused
Team-oriented -- cooperative and collaborative
Growth-oriented -- entrepreneurial and coaching, personal development plans, easy access to CEO.

Pay Frequency:
Twice monthly

Typical Start/End time:
8AM - 5PM

Overtime: occasional
Flextime: students, moms, dads, other (opt.)

Work Remotely:

Cov-2 Safety Protocol:
Yes. Latest CDC guidelines.

How many years of assembly experience do you have?
How many years of manufacturing experience do you have?
How many years of production experience do you have?
How many years of warehouse experience do you have?
How many years of crafting, hobby, LEGO building, or repairing small items experience do you have?
How many years of fast growth environment upbeat company experience do you have?
How many years of working outside of a set role or routine do you have? where you are endorsed to grow/explore