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Established in 1998, Neutek LLC is a Solid State Lighting (SSL) company first, and a product design company second. With its founders arriving from a top-tier Fortune 100 company, Neutek enjoyed immediate success with its first national product debut selling out on QVC and HSN television and continuing to sell today. Numerous other hit products have followed with the majority of its portfolio fully engaging the current Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting revolution. Neutek is a wholly USA-owned and operated  OE/ODM/OBM company with nearly a hundred years of combined industry experience.


Neutek specializes in highly functional yet simple lighting products with careful attention to steer away from trendy unproven designs. The result is a robust core shared across many categories, including architectural, power sports, automotive, crafting, and safety. Contributors inside the company are LED Luminaire Pioneers and Imagineers in their field. An extensive semiconductor and manufacturing industry knowledge base allows for value-driven SSL-related product lines and services ever contributing to the LED revolution.


In the area of Recreational Vehicles, Neutek as an example helped to pioneer a whole new LED Bulb industry solving high energy drain issues of nighttime illumination based on outdated incandescent bulbs. Beginning 2004 Quartzsite RV Show in Western Arizona Neutek debuted the industry's very first USA-built RV LED retrofit bulb. Neutek has sold millions of LEDs since. Today, innovation continues at a record pace to complement the Internet of Things (IoT) and the ever-expanding wireless PDA digital connected world. 


Neutek products are built in the USA and lab safety tested. Working closely with Cree® and Seoul Semi LED companies, Neutek was among the first to design with modern flat surface mount technology (SMT), years ahead of the industry.  Today, into its 10th gen SMT LED family, the LED horizon looks even brighter yet.


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Neutek LLC dba

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