Established in 1998, Neutek LLC is a Solid State Lighting (SSL) company first, and a product design company second. Its first product debut was an instant sellout on QVC and HSN television. Dozens of other hit products have since followed up through the present with the majority of its portfolio fully engaging the current Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting revolution. The company has nearly a hundred years of combined industry experience to produce best-in-class OE / ODM products in today’s market.


Neutek manufactures highly functional yet simple lighting products for a wide range of applications, including architectural, recreational, trucking, industrial and safety. Individuals in the company are LED Luminaire Inventors and Patent Holders with extensive industry knowledge for a wide range of SSL related products and services.


In the area of Recreational Vehicles, Neutek has had a presence at the Quartzsite RV Show in Western Arizona since 2004 where it debuted the industry's very first RV LED retrofit bulb. Neutek has sold millions of LEDs since. All new Task lighting for hobby and manufacturing industries has been its latest foray.


Neutek products are made in USA and lab safety tested. Working closely with Cree® LED company, Neutek was among the first to design with modern flat surface mount technology (SMT), years ahead of the industry and is currently into its 10th generation of LED technology!


Neutek LLC’s experience and reliability knowledge is backed by a Lifetime Warranty, with expected SSL product operational lifetime of 50,000+ hours.


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