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Welcome to Scorpion Hunter​

Welcome to the official Scorpion Hunter® Store since 2005. Your complete resource for ridding your home of scorpions safely and naturally without the environmental hazards and expense of poisons or gadgets that don't work. Not only did we invent the first high power UV LED flashlight for serious scorpion hunting, but we also were first to fully research and educate YOU the customer on  "dirty little secrets" the traditional pest control companies don't want you know - saving you thousands of dollars and hours of grief not getting to the root problem. Read more to learn our secrets. . .


Getting rid of the scorpion(s) is our ultimate goal.  We understand, we're Arizona natives ourselves.  However, reality is you can never technically totally rid you of scorpions unless you place a glass dome over your home and property!  Realistically what we want to do first is physically hunt and capture ALL scorpions that exist and NEVER NEVER simply leave lay where you found them. SECRET #1 - Female Scorpions carry their young "live" and could still be insider her, or recently hatched hidden on her. If she is simply allowed to lay unattended, dead or alive, tiny little scorplets will be allowed to crawl away and simply re-populate your home or property for an endless cycle of scorpion infestation.   To prevent this, you ALWAYS ALWAYS want to capture and eliminate ANY and ALL scorpions, whether appearing dead or alive.  SECRET #2 - Scorpions can not be killed by poison unless they are in contact with poison. Virtually impossible since most pest control happens in the daylight hours.

HUNT -  Its no secret, scorpions are easily hunted in darkness with ultra violet light sources such as our newest and finest Commander™.  Our light sources light-up scorpions up to an amazing 100+ feet distances as a bright "blue-green" glow using our advanced Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology.  You want to simply repeat your thorough search both inside and outside your home three nights in a row, for best effectiveness. Best during a moonless night and in the early morning hours between 10pm and 2am when they are most active, when temperatures are above 60F deg - - year round depending on your geographic location.

CAPTURE -  Permanent easy DIY removal is fast and easy with our exclusive Interceptor™ tools that scorpions can't escape, large or small. Used along with our iWARE™ goggles, only the scorpions and Interceptor Tool tips light up, making it easier yet to hunt and capture without missing.   You won't be seeing "purple haze" with our solution.  Hooray!  Once in the grasp of our Interceptor tool, the scorpion insect is simply placed in a glass jar or drinking glass at least  6" tall.  No worries, it's a fact - they can't crawl out!

ELIMINATE -  There is no other way to call it out.  But to absolutely be sure and rested regarding scorpions in and around the home, killing the pest just seems to make sense.  But not always.  You see, Scorpions do have a purpose by nature or otherwise would not have been unchanged in their design by nature since the dinosaurs.  They do gorge and eat on many other pests we don't like, so we do endorse when possible releasing back into nature - of course far away from your home.  On the other hand, they can be killed easily and inexpensively without chemicals or expensive pest control services. SECRET #3 - All scorpions are designed so well to preserve every gram of food and water they ingest, they too can overheat quickly and literally die in as little as 10 minutes placed in the sun.  Remember the glass or jar of captured scorpions previously mentioned?  Simply pace in direct sun Winter or Summer, it always works!  Dispose as normal same as other insects into trash or toilet.  Harmless, Safe and Certain.

Our patented designs are simple, effective, and very reliable. Simply stated, our customers always enjoy a "Best in Class" scorpion eradication experience. 100% satisfaction or your money back.

We invite you to browse and shop with confidence. Most orders ship in 24 hours. We adhere to a strict privacy policy. Nothing will be shared, sold, or otherwise distributed. If you would like to visit our Factory for hands-on demos with real scorpions or to pick up your order, please contact us to make an appointment.

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