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Glow Tip Tweezers 12 Inches

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    • The ultimate scorpion extraction tool of choice!
    • IMPORTANT: Always remove the Scorpion. WHY?

First: All adult species scorpions glow, dead or alive
Second: Baby scorpions live on the female and DO NOT glow! Killing or stepping on the scorpion may leave 'live' young to scatter.
Third: Scorpions are tough. Do not take a chance to have the scorpion get away after stepping on it
Fourth: Scorpions survive most poisons unless totally immersed by it! A Scorpion can hold it's breath more than 20-days, thus avoiding poison vapors that normally kill most other insects.

Lastly: Don't take chances. Always REMOVE the scorpion. PERIOD!

  • Extra long 12" steel forceps grab from a safe distance
  • Special GloGrip™ soft tips won't allow a scorpion to get away
  • GloGrip™ tips glow same color as the Scorpion so you can't miss in the dark
  • Real Chrome plated, won't rust outdoors
  • Measures 12" x 1/2" x 1/2"
  • Weighs: 3oz

Shipping Information

  • This item ships in 72 hours, Monday-Thursday.
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